Welcome to XROX Aerospace The sky is not the limit!!
Welcome to XROX Aerospace The sky is not the limit!!
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MK3A Rebel (K0001) Build Part 2 - Fin can assembly

Build Fin Can Kit MK3A Motor Mount Part 2 Rebel

Part 2 of this blog series shows how to build the fin can assembly.  If you missed Part 1 of this series, it is available at this link.

As stated in the assembly instructions provided with the kit, epoxy is required for kit assembly.  I use quick drying 5 minute epoxy, but any two part epoxy is fine.

To assemble the fin can you will need (part numbers are from the bill of materials on the exploded view drawing):

  • Fin can (no kidding) - Part #7
  • Motor tube support - Part #12
  • Thrust structure - Part #9
  • Motor tube - Part #10
  • Motor retainer - Part #8

While not called out in the instructions, make sure you dry fit the fin can and motor mount pieces prior to gluing. 

The motor tube support is printed with a small chamfer on the arrow side opening to easily accept the motor tube. 


Humidity can change tube diameters slightly from the normal.  You may need to make the chamfer larger if the tube doesn't slide into the opening easily.  You can use a hobby razor knife or 220 grid sandpaper to do this.  Also, make sure the motor retainer (Part #8) fits in the fin can, rotates and locks into place.  Once the fit is good, pull the pieces apart and start the build.

    • Apply a bead of glue on the outside of the motor tube (Part #10) 1/8" from one of the ends. Remember, use epoxy only

    • On the side of the motor tube support (Part #12) with the arrows pointing to it, slide the glue end of motor tube (Part #10) into the motor tube support (Part #12) until the motor tube touches the small lip on the inside of the support.  Take care to not force the motor tube farther than the lip.

      • With the opposite side of the motor tube, apply a small bead of epoxy just inside the end of the motor tube.  Apply glue to the outside surface of the smaller cylinder of the thrust structure (Part #10) 1/4" for the end of the inside cylinder.

      • Insert the thrust structure into the motor tube, rotating it as you insert it to spread the glue evenly.  Be careful not to allow glue to collect on the flat, thrust bearing surface of the thrust structure.  Any excess glue on that surface will prevent the motor from seating against the thrust structure and may make it difficult fully insert the motor and stop the motor retainer from working.  Set the assembly aside to dry while standing on the thrust structure.

      • After the glue hardens on the assembly from above, apply a bead of glue to the lip (in the crease of the small and large diameters) of the motor tube support (Part #12), opposite from the arrows.

      • Glue the motor tube support (part #12) into the fin can (Part #7) ensuring that the motor tube support is pressed firmly against the support in the fin can. 

      • Set this sub assembly aside to dry thoroughly by again standing it on the thrust structure.


      This concludes Part 2 in this build series.  Next up, I will finish the lower section on the MK3A Rebel air-frame and do some preliminary finish prep. 

      I encourage you to take a look at the XROX Aerospace MK3A Rebel product page.  This is a unique kit that is simple to put together and fun to fly.

      Happy building and safe flying.


      XROX Aerospace

      The sky is not the limit!

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