Welcome to XROX Aerospace The sky is not the limit!!
Welcome to XROX Aerospace The sky is not the limit!!
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Introducing the MK3A Rebel

I'd like to introduce XROX's first model rocket kit, the MK3A Rebel!  I've spent a LOT of time getting this rocket kit right.  There are many unique features on this rocket that are worth mentioning. 

This kit, as with all XROX kits, features unique, 3D printed parts.  Using this manufacturing method allowed me to "fix" many of the things I never liked about flying a model rocket.  The Rebel features a unique baffle system that completely eliminates the need for any flame protection for the parachute.  The motor mount accommodates both 70 mm and 95 mm long motors.  Also, the motor is retained by a scale looking nozzle which twists and locks the motor in place, eliminating the need for an engine hook.

Here are the important specifications of the MK3A Rebel:

Length: 32.7 inches (830.6 mm)

Nominal Diameter: 1.64 inches (41.7 ) mm

Maximum Diameter: 2.2 inches (55.9 mm)

Fin Span: 3.9 inches (98.9 mm)

Weight, Finished: 5.95 oz (168.7 g)

Recommend Engine/Altitude: D12-5 estimated 600 feet (180 m)


I hope you enjoy building and flying our first production kit.  Keep on the look out for new products going forward.  Coming soon is a unique display stand that will give any model that scale look.

Have fun flying and stay safe!


Owner, XROX Aerospace

The sky is not the limit

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