Welcome to XROX Aerospace The sky is not the limit!!
Welcome to XROX Aerospace The sky is not the limit!!
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XROX Aerospace Updates

Hi everyone.  Its been a while since I've posted anything.  There has been a lot going on at XROX Aerospace.  I recently spent a weekend in the New York State Finger Lakes region while attending the Upstate Research Rocketry Group's (URRG) rocketry festival URRF. 

I had a blast (pun intended) while I was there. The the farm that hosts the flying field was incredible and the weather conditions were spectacular.  I was able to fly my go-to small, high power rocket a couple of times on H motors. 

As a vendor at the event, it was great to connect with some old friends, other vendors and interact with the larger rocketry community.  The part I actually like the most is actually being able to meet some of our online customers in person.  I had some great conversations and it is clear to me that the community is very interested in the capabilities that you can get from 3D printing.

I do need to give a huge THANK YOU shout out to Mike Crupe from MAC Performance Rocketry who coordinated the vendors for the event!  He was very helpful and is just a great guy.  I highly recommend you check out his web site.  He has a lot of great high power kits (with the BOLT missile being my favorite) as well as a ton of accessories.

Did I mention that I was able to test fly the MK7?

The first flight was perfect on an Estes D12-5.

The cool thing is that I assembled the rocket at the field in about 30 minutes.  Half that time was getting the parachute put together in the breezy conditions.  The new motor mount design and piston ejection worked as expected, although the motor mount had some heat induced deformation.

I already have a couple of ideas on changes which should eliminate the issue.  Ultimately, the MK7 will fly as a two stage rocket, with the booster being entirely 3D printed. 

Finally, I want to give an update on the Darkbird, which I know many folks are keenly interested in.  I have a prototype built that was to test the rear ejection system and unique parachute harness.  Unfortunately, that doesn't look like it is going to work as expected.  So, I am modifying the design for a forward ejection.  The model also needs to lose some weight which means there will be some other design changes to get the mass of the rocket under control. 

Thank you to everyone who have been very supportive of XROX Aerospace.  I am actively working to restock the supply of kits and stands after a busy couple of weeks.  I appreciate all the feedback and encouragement.  As always, please let us know if you have any question or comments in the comments section below or by email.

Mark Mazurkiewicz

XROX Aerospace

The sky is not the limit!

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