Welcome to XROX Aerospace The sky is not the limit!!
Welcome to XROX Aerospace The sky is not the limit!!
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Product Development News

This is been a productive indoor season for XROX Aerospace.  We have several new product launches scheduled (pun intended.)  Take a sneak peak at two of our upcoming releases.

First up is the next MARK Series kit, the MK6 Streak.  Like the MK3A Rebel, this kit features 3D printed components for lightning fast assembly.  The Streak has a boat tail retainer for quick motor changes and an ejection charge baffle that eliminates the need for any parachute protection.  This is a high performance rocket is designed to fly on a 24mm (Estes D and E size) motor.  Beautiful and hi-flying, the kit is undergoing flight testing.  Weather permitting, flight test videos are coming soon.  Stay tuned for the official product launch announcement.

Also, currently in development is the XRA-15 Darkbird.  This hyper-sonic fighter concept is modeled around a 1.3" diameter body.  The Darkbird has the most number 3D printed parts for a XROX Aerospace kit yet.  Each part has printed details like scale pitot tubes, antenna protrusions, landing gear door outlines, detailed cockpit wind screens, and many more.  The Darkbird is shown here with a notional parallel booster stage.  We are very excited for this unique looking model. 


Take a look at our existing products at the XROX Aerospace store.  The MK3A Rebel is our beautiful flagship model featuring 3D printed components.  Along with the MK3A, we have several display stands ( Zero Length Launcher, Scale Vertical Display Stand, Simple Display Stands) that can turn your existing models into true show pieces.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know and post in the comments below.

Fly High.  Fly Safe.


XROX Aerospace

The sky is not the limit!

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  • Mark on

    Gregory – Thanks for the interest! The first prototype Darkbird is getting assembled this weekend. So far so good. The assembly is more complicated than the MK3A but still reasonable. My intention is to have it ready for the NYPOWER launch Memorial Day weekend and then release the kit right after.

  • Gregory Henderson on

    How is the development of the DARKBIRD coming along? I am looking forward to buying one as soon as they are available.

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